Patco D9100 Poliüretan Nem Bariyeri - Aleve Dayanıklı

Pressure sensitive, repositioning, flame retardant and sealant compatible. Sturdy and durable. Water resistance. It helps to prevent corrosion in the floor structure. Ease of application. Meets all indoor FR requirements. It can go directly onto wet mastic. Quick application. Allows visible inspection. It allows the use of wide widths. It can be die cut in various shapes.

Floor joint sealing in aircraft flooring in all wet areas. Surface protection and sound insulation.

 NSN 8030-01-542-1415

İçin özellikler Patco D9100 Poliüretan Nem Bariyeri - Aleve Dayanıklı

Paketleme 3" RL veya RL veya 4" RL veya 24" RL veya 36" RL veya 18" RL

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    Üretici: Berry Global
    Spec: FAR 25.853(a), BMS 8-346 Tip I ve II Tip II Sınıf 1, Airbus 10-05-004, ABS 5093 ve ABD 0031 Para 7.3.2 ve 7.4'ü karşılar; Fokker Fk05-193
    Teknik Döküman: 10267_TDSPatcoD9100_081920.pdf