Biobor DC + Cetane Summer

Biobor DC® +Cetane is a multi-functional warm-weather diesel fuel conditioner to enhance the stability and performance of ultra-low sulfur diesel fuels. Components of Biobor DC® +Cetane will provide exceptional fuel stability, added lubricity, detergency and water/corrosion control. With continued use, BioborDC® +Cetane enhances the performance and life of diesel fuels while protecting and cleaning vital engine components, maintaining fuel economy and reducing emissions. Biobor DC +Cetane is a cost effective diesel treatment for large users providing complete protection at a concentrated treat rate.

Performans Katkısı:

  • Cleans up injectors and prevents deposits

  • Extends fuel filter life

  • Controls water and prevents corrosion

  • Improves efficiency and restores power

  • Lubricates injectors and fuel pumps

  • Prevents fuel degradation and gumming

Specifications for Biobor DC + Cetane Summer

Paketleme 1 Gallon or 5 Gallon or 2.5 USG

    Bu kombinasyon mevcut değil.

    Manufacturer: BIOBOR